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Are you a party Popper manufacturer?

We are a professional party Popper manufacturer. Our factory address is located in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province, China. We have many years of production experience, and have long-term cooperation with many well-known enterprises and activists, which have been recognized by them.

When using these Party Poppers, is it easy to operate and is there any security risk?

Our products have passed the safety and quality product testing. In the course of use, they are also operated concisely. Each product is equipped with safety and convenience instructions. It is unhindered to operate according to the instructions.

What are the benefits of using Party Popper in celebrations?

Enliven the scene atmosphere, so that people can better feel the influence of holding this event, so that people can remember deeply.

What activities do Party Popper usually use?

Usually we use it for big and small celebrations, concerts, parties, etc.

What patterns does Party Popper have and whether customization can be supported?

First of all, our products support customization. We have made heart-shaped patterns, snowflakes, ribbons and so on. Generally speaking, we have all kinds of patterns on the market.

Is it safe to use Party Popper

It can not catch fire, can be used ith pyrotechnical or high air temperature occasion. They are very safety for different big events . There is some data that can certify this.They can be used for super streamer machines

Where Party Popper can be used

You can use this confetti for party decoration, card making, scrapbooking embellishment or whatever your imagination creates. These are perfect Table Scatters for a Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, birthday party, etc.

What is Party Popper

Create a lively atmosphere and add festivity

How to Choose Party popper

Simple operation, humanized service, do not need to occupy too much space, the effect must be gorgeous and colorful.

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